• Physician owned hospitals clearly benefit their communities. Considering both uncompensated care and tax payments, physician owned hospitals returned a net community benefit almost 8 times higher than non-profit hospitals, averaging 7.23% for surgery hospitals as compared to .87% for non-profit hospitals. HHS Study, pg. 58.

  • The physician owned hospital industry has a great economic impact at the federal, state and local levels. Federally, the following statistics were reported: $932,706,468 in Total Payroll; $125,578,212 annually paid in Federal Taxes; $1,560,156,309 in Trade Payables; and 22,443 Full Time Employees. In addition, physician owned hospitals pay significant real estate taxes to their states and local communities.

  • Physician owned hospitals play by the rules. Not only do physician owned hospitals treat Medicare and Medicaid patients, but in fact, approximately one quarter of the revenue received on an annual basis by the physician owned hospitals across the country originates from Medicare/Medicaid cases.

  • Physician owned hospitals treat charity care cases. Considering true charity work as well as bad debt write-offs, physician owned hospitals provide more community benefit than most non-profit general hospitals.

  • Physician owned hospitals provide an opportunity to strengthen the local medical community. The opportunity to be involved with a physician owned hospital, as either an investor or credentialed user, provides a means of recruiting and retaining top quality surgeons to communities that may otherwise find it difficult to attract and retain physicians in high-demand specialties. This means superior access to better physicians for patients in communities served by physician owned hospitals.

  • Physician owned hospitals allow communities to become centers for healthcare excellence. The excellent, quality services provided by physician owned hospitals often attract patients from an expanded service area broadening the community healthcare market.
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